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IUFRO WG 5.10 Online Conference on 28-29 September 2020

Pathways of forest bioeconomy

The past, the present, and the future

Online conference

Due to current Covid-19 situation IUFRO 5.10 meeting will be organized as an online event 28-29 September 2020. All submitted abstracts are included in the programme. Please note that registration will open in September and the event will be free of charge for all registered participants.


Please remember to register for the online conference by Wednesday 16 September 2020 via e-form. Only registered participants will receive the link to the online conference events. We also encourage non-presenting participants to register. Completing the form only takes for about two minutes.


The conference programme has been finalised and sent to all registered participants on 18 September 2020. You can download the programme by clicking the button.

For those who will participate the SSFE biennial meeting 2020 on 29-30 September 2020, please note that the programme on Tuesday 29 September is organised jointly with SSFE participants. All times are in Eastern European Summer Time (EEST/GMT+3). Please note that there may be some changes to the programme.

Monday 28 September 2020
11:00-11:30IUFRO Opening
11:30-13:00IUFRO Sessions 1 & 2
15:00-16:30IUFRO Sessions 3 & 4
17:00-18:00IUFRO Keynotes 1 & 2
18:00-19:00IUFRO Mingling session
Tuesday 29 September 2020
10:00-10:30SSFE Opening
10:30-12:00IUFRO Session 5 / SSFE
12:00-12:30IUFRO Closing

Opening: Dean Ritva Toivonen Session 1: Forest products markets Session 2: Servitisation Session 3: Sustainable consumption Session 4: Wooden multistorey construction Session 5: Systemic transitions & industrial ecology Keynote 1: Associate professor Silja Korhonen-Sande Keynote 2: Professor Eric Hansen Closing: IUFRO Division 5 Co-ordinator Pekka Saranpää

Keynote speakers

Past, present, and future of forest products marketing by Professor Eric Hansen, Oregon State University

Eric is currently Professor of Forest Products Marketing and Department Head of Wood Science and Engineering at Oregon State University (OSU). He received a B.S. in Forest Products Business Management from the University of Idaho in 1990 and a PhD in 1994 from Virginia Tech, specializing in Forest Products Marketing. He has worked at OSU since August 1994. Current research areas are organisational innovation, bioeconomy transition, corporate social responsibility, and strategic marketing. He is co-author of the textbook Strategic Marketing in the Global Forest Industries and Editor of BioProducts Business, a journal published by the Society of Wood Science and Technology.

The role of partnerships in building bioeconomy by Associate professor Silja Korhonen-Sande, Norwegian University of Life Sciences

Silja is an Associate professor in business strategy at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU). Her current areas of research interest are the role of inter-organizational co-operation and competition in industry development (buyer-supplier relationships, competitor relationships, relationships between startups and established firms, etc.), and implementation of customer-oriented strategies.

Presentation format

Each session includes four or five presentations. All presenting participants are requested to prepare maximum 15 minute presentations in order to spare time for discussion. Please also send your presentation slides (.pptx/.pdf) to Arttu Malkamäki ( by Thursday 24 September. This enables presenting if problems with screen sharing will occur.

Organising committee and contacts

Professor Anne Toppinen, Head of the organising committee

Dr. Riitta Hänninen, Chief of scientific programme

Professor Katja Lähtinen, Chief of logistics

Dr. Jaana Korhonen, Chief of communications

Dr. Arttu Malkamäki, Chief of communications (as of May 2020)

Associate professor Sami Berghäll, Member of the organising committee

If you have questions regarding the conference or problems with registration or website, please contact Arttu Malkamäki ( or Jaana Korhonen (jaana.e.korhonen@helsinki).

The IUFRO WG 5.10 Online Conference 2020 has ended. We thank all co-organisers (especially SSFE 2020 organising committee), participants, presenters, moderators, and IUFRO. We look forward to seeing you in upcoming IUFRO Division 5 events.

Copyright IUFRO WG 5.10 Conference 28-29 September 2020. All rights reserved. The cover photo is copyright (c) Lehmonkärki. Page updated on 26 August 2020.